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Groovy man

I am liking this guy’s look. It’s probably because I don’t see too many men who will flaunt their style credo the way this guy does, since leaving Brooklyn. Suburban dads take note…(I think this actually is someone’s dad.)


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I’m not lying…

What I saw from my living room window

Early Saturday morning in spring. I know, it’s a bit corny but it really was a beautiful sight.

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Domenica’s Kitchen

The first signs of spring arrived.  The crocuses have pushed through the soil and the air feels different, if only slightly warmer.  All of this makes me think about food.  Sustainability will be a goal this year.  We’ve joined the local CSA again and will attempt a heartfelt if meager vegetable garden of our own.  Apple trees and blueberry bushes have been planted.  We’re also lucky to live close to Blue Hill at Stone Barns where we get seriously good eggs.  That brings me to last night’s dinner.  Eggs, prosciutto and baby spinach.  So simple, so yummy!  Oh, and the dinosaur happens to be the same colors as the meal…

Eggs, prosciuotto and baby spinach

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Sometimes you catch them at that special moment when their minds are drifting and you just want to hold on to that image as long as you can.

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I have not been posting for almost 2 years.  Leaving Brooklyn was hard for me. The usual crap that makes a family leave the city and head for greener pastures was all at play in our case, sub-par public schools, lack of parking, lack of an extra bedroom when that third child comes around and a bit too much asphalt.  A year into our new suburban life and I gotta say, I’m really liking it.  I’m still searching for that creative  energy that flowed so freely in the old neighborhood.  I think I’m finding it here…slowly, finally.

Today we were quite bored after school and made these crayons out of bits of old ones we had in a box that were too short and stubby to want to draw with anymore.  It was fun.  We melted the crayon bits in an old aluminum heart shaped mold.  Here’s the thing, each color has a different melting temperature probably based on the pigment to binder ratio.  (I should know this with my art conservation background, right?) So while some colors melted into a sublime paste of shiny color, others just separated into a milky wax substance with bits of crumbly pigment. It was a bit of cool science mixed in with art.  My favorite type of lesson for the kids.

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The first day of the new year is always a bit melancholy to me.  It’s a sign that the holidays have come to an end and a long stretch of winter lies ahead.

The air is mild today…it’s still and quiet.  The snow feels very temporary.  My daughter and I took a walk and I was reminded how even the gray, lifeless landscapes of winter hold subtle sign of beauty.

red berries

snow plant

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A visit to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores was pretty cool.

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