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Billy goat…

We’ve been thinking about Halloween lately, which conjured up thoughts about past years’ costumes. Sebastien always decides what he wants to be and then I am left with the mind boggling task of figuring out how to bring his often strange ideas to life. A lamb, a billy goat, this year it’s going to be a tree…I rely on imagination and resourcefulness, a cheap sewing machine, glue gun and lots of felt. My mother gets credit for the awesome “kitty sweater”, knit by hand. Maybe next year the boys will just opt to go out as ghosts.


Kitty in a tree…


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Camera work

We gave Sebastien our old digital camera when we replaced it with a new Lumix DMC-TZ3. He takes really good pictures for a four year old. I’m really intrigued by the shots he takes of ceiling corners and floors. Maybe I’ll post some of them.

On another note, it was polka dot day at school, so we sewed a whole bunch of felt dots onto his shirt. Don’t think we’ll keep them though. We tend to gravitate more towards stripes in our family.

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I think it was the first time he had ever seen a shark.

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