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Cornell Box

Sebastien made this box during a visit to Mass Moca. We’ve made a couple more at home too. Use whatever you have around the house, photos, or find things from nature. Use a good strong glue.


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Monkeying around skirt

The design of this skirt is simple, a two tiered ruffle with an elastic waistband. Would be cute with a cardigan, but my lack of little girl models in the house leaves only my imagination to wonder how it would look on. There was nothing I could do to persuade my boys to give it a try, but I don’t blame them either. The skirts were fun to make. The fabric came from repodepot, www.reprodepot.com.

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A visit to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores was pretty cool.

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potato stamps

A small project that filled an hour on a rainy afternoon, and with minimal mess factor. We used small red new potatoes because they are just the right fit for little hands, and well, it’s what we had in the house. The shapes were cut with a knife and we used a regular water soluble ink pad for the stamping. We stamped on paper, cards, even fabric, which came out really nice. When we finished, we just threw the stamps out. Hooray!

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Sebi made this watercolor painting of the ocean while his brother was napping. Then he said we needed boats. We got the magnets that are holding up the boats from the Museum of Natural History. They are actually pieces of magnetic hematite that come in a bag. Very fun to play with but they do leave a strange black residue on your hands…I need to look into that some more.

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Market Bags

What can you say about a Tote Bag? It’s a bag. You carry stuff around in it. And if you’re like me you probably have way too much in it. These are just the right size, fully lined with an interior pocket for my wallet and phone. Light and made of cotton, they seem to hold just enough, but beg not to be overstuffed with non-essentials. I love to carry one on the very rare occasion I’m out sans children and need toss nothing more than keys and lip balm inside. I’ve made a bunch using varying scraps of fabric. The pattern was inspired by one in Jotta Landsdottir’s book, but slightly tweaked. Great for quick outings to the market too.

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