Life's What you Make it

Check out Mark Hollis in this video. Classic. Still good words to live by.


Groovy Look

Groovy man

I am liking this guy’s look. It’s probably because I don’t see too many men who will flaunt their style credo the way this guy does, since leaving Brooklyn. Suburban dads take note…(I think this actually is someone’s dad.)


Domenica's kitchen II

I love the yellow walls of my friend Domenica’s kitchen. I can’t commit to wall color in my life. Rather, I can commit to shades of white verging on grey, but that’s as far as it goes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of color scattered about my home. It’s just the walls. I like them white.

What I saw from my living room window

Early Saturday morning in spring. I know, it’s a bit corny but it really was a beautiful sight.

I designed this repeat pattern textile a few months ago and have finally had a    small sample square printed at spoonflower.com. My good friends in Ithaca are starting a print studio alongside their amazing store Petrune, and asked me if I’d like to try my hand at it.  I’m hooked! This is fun and the best part of it will hopefully be heading back upstate this summer and getting my hands dirty in their workshop.  More on this to come…Thank you Domenica and Justin for the inspiration.

Castle project

Castle project

The kids are very into knights, castles and princesses these days.  Well, the boys are definitely NOT into princesses but as a kind nod to their baby sister, they have allowed one pink princess into their kingdom.  We looked at some books and made this castle out of a bunch of cardboard boxes.  The plan was to paint it and keep adding onto it until it becomes a giant lair for kings, knights, pirates, aliens…you get it.  It’s been getting a lot of play and if it lasts, we’ll spend some time painting it-a good way to eek out one more diversion for “bored” children from this project.

Domenica’s Kitchen

The first signs of spring arrived.  The crocuses have pushed through the soil and the air feels different, if only slightly warmer.  All of this makes me think about food.  Sustainability will be a goal this year.  We’ve joined the local CSA again and will attempt a heartfelt if meager vegetable garden of our own.  Apple trees and blueberry bushes have been planted.  We’re also lucky to live close to Blue Hill at Stone Barns where we get seriously good eggs.  That brings me to last night’s dinner.  Eggs, prosciutto and baby spinach.  So simple, so yummy!  Oh, and the dinosaur happens to be the same colors as the meal…

Eggs, prosciuotto and baby spinach